Finding Foreclosures in Tulsa - Don't Start on the Wrong Foot

December 17, 2019

Are you thinking about purchasing a foreclosure in Tulsa? I have many clients who are asking about foreclosures. Some are wanting to buy a foreclosure property to make into their peronal home, some are wanting to buy a foreclosure as a "Fix and Flip" opportunity, and some are buying to build their rental portfolio. No matter what reason you have for buying a foreclosure in Tulsa, it is important to start your search in the right location.

When starting the process you are most likely wanting to start online and many will make the mistake by immediately going to Zillow. I will warn you that thought this site is exteremly user friendly, it is also full of old data and will promote foreclosures that have sold months and even years ago.

When starting your search the websites that I have found to be the most helpful are,,,, and If you are interested in doing a bit more investigating is also a great place to browse off market listings.

I do have to say that I always reccomend speaking with a real estate professional as we will be able to get you foreclosure listings that match your exact criteria as soon as they hit the market. This will not only help you get to the HOT properties before they are gone, but they have access to sellers disclosures and other information that may keep you from buying the dreaded lemon.


For more information about finding foreclosures contact:

Nora Hogue - Realtor

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